We specialize in filing motions and getting orders entered in any court. Many clients email their documents to us to beat deadlines.

We print documents or copy files at the courts (Fees vary from $1 to $3 per page, depending on the court).

All of our process servers have been trained to treat people in a friendly and courteous manner allowing us to get signatures on a regular basis.

Our process servers are quick to return affidavits and additional paperwork to the attorneys who hire us, on the same or the next day in most cases.

Our process servers have served from the easiest to the most difficult, hard-to-find people.

Either way, we would supply your firm with an affidavit of service or nonservice to be used when motioning the court with an order for alternate service.

Bad News Bearers Process Service, Inc. has been hired to travel as far away as Toronto, Canada with documents that would expire by midnight. We'll go anywhere or find someone who does.