All Court Filings: $26.00 + Mileage

Process Service Fee: $26.00 + Mileage

Outside Tri-County Area: $50.00 for each county beyond Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb + Mileage

Attempts (Price per Attempt - Max. Three): $25.00

Rush Documents/Special Service Request: Double Fee

Additional Affidavits Filled Out: $26.00/each

Lansing Corporation & Securities (Applications Filed and Returned): $92.00 + Mileage

Surveillance (hourly rate): $75.00

Notary: $20.00 plus mileage

  • Mileage = 40¢ to 97¢ per mile depending on the price of gasoline. 84¢ is current.
  • Additional fees may include parking and additional time spent on any job.
  • An administrative fee starting at $15.00 increase cost depending on time spent and cost of copy pages may be added to any job.